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postheadericon THE FOOD OF HEAVEN

As aptly put by thousands of people before us, doorway for a man’s heart is food. Well, if I am allowed to modify that phrase, I can easily state that it’s the key to not only to a man’s heart but to the heart of any living breathing individual.  Food is what it takes. Good food is nothing short of heaven actually. With good food you get peace of mind, enjoyment and the real taste of life. This is what Spark and Flame catering Services offer you.

Spark and Flame Catering services offer you scrumptious food and a list of choices to choose from. They provide elegant and fusion catering for all your events. Their food is simply marvelous, with a variety of buffet options to choose from.  They are one of the  good corporate catering services

They are a MUIS Halal-certified catering company. They provide meals that are worth quite a lot. Their corporate food catering services are regarded far and wide. They provide the best menus and the best meals for weddings, corporate events, Birthdays and many more. They provide hassle free service for their guests. If you want to hire a private chef for any of you occasions, they will provide you with that as well.

 Their buffet menus consist of

With good food you might need a good destination to enjoy a particular vacation.  SG Biz Cover brings you a list of great vacation places to stay at. There are varied destinations for different types of people, couples and single people as well. The destinations are surreal and amazingly serene, and can give you a breath of fresh air from a monotonous Singaporean lifestyle.

SG Biz Cover gives you a number of home decoration services to choose from as well. The number of home décor Services it provides are:

Aircon Services: The company allows you to hire professionals for your air-conditioning needs from different Aircon Services.

Bathroom Requirements: The company allows you to select a variety of bathroom requirements from a variety of places

Caterers: The company gives you a list of caterers to choose from.

Curtains and Blinds: You can choose different types of curtains and blinds for your windows from a list of places provided by this company.

Flooring: They give you a list of a number of places with flooring services.

Florist: gives you a number of florist shop names and locations.

Plumbing: Helps you in your plumbing needs.

This is a company that gives you a list of Singapore’s best discoveries byrecommending singapore’s best discoveries.

They also give you the required information to find the places in Singapore that brings you the best Robot Vacuum cleaners. It is important in this digital age to keep pace with technology, and vacuum cleaners have advanced enough to give you Robot Vacuum Cleaners now, that are more effective and less time consuming than other kinds of vacuum cleaners.


Both the companies help you to live a lavish life in the heart of Singapore.

postheadericon The several things to keep in mind as a wedding photographer

Wedding photography is certainly one of the most complex disciplines that one is when one is a photographer. During a day you have to know how to handle extremely different situations. We go through several types of light conditions, several moods too, we must do with what the day and all the people present us offer. The energy can differ during all the key moments, during the preparations there is often a mixture of serenity and excitement while the rest of the day is punctuated with intense moments, as during the ceremonies, and hollow.

The evening is here to relieve all the pressure and allow everyone to relax. And during a full season, there are different couples that must be followed, each with their own personality, and who unite in a variety of places. This is also what makes being a wedding photographer an incredible opportunity to express your creativity and knowhow. In fact it’s just magic. Over time, by developing a relationship of trust with the bride and groom, it is then possible to achieve weddings that match us, and we can develop a style that is unique to us to magnify this day so exceptional. In order to know more about photography studio, you can always take the help of internet.

It all starts with trust

We like to say it often that trust is at the base of any successful portrait. One can have the best photo technique in the world, master the light to perfection, be an expert in posing and all this will have no importance if trust is not established with the people we photograph. Everyone has their own personality and everyone has their way of interpreting trust, what matters is finding your way, the one that suits you.Marriage is an extremely complicated exercise and probably one of the most complete and demanding in photography. It requires mastering many techniques, to cope with many situations while being very responsive. Again, all of this is very important but it is nothing compared to the relationship you are going to establish with your grooms. Trust will allow you to feel comfortable with them, they will leave you your space of freedom which will allow you to be creative, and finally they will be able to forget you because they know themselves between good hands. We will describe in this part how we create trust.

Your website must talk about you

The site is often the first way for brides and grooms to discover you. Trust begins at that moment. It is essential to be in tune with yourself, with your values, to talk about what is dear to you and to show the pictures that speak to you and really represent you. What’s important to remember here is that your site needs to build trust to attract your ideal customers. For that, the only solution is to do things with your heart. Show the photos you like to do, write your values, make your audience feel what makes you feel at home. This must be in your logo, in your graphic, in the smallest detail of your site. So you will attract customers who match you and they will say right away “this photographer is different, he speaks to me, I want to know more”. Make dream the bride and groom who contact you with your site by being the most authentic possible. A simple example if you do not like doing group photos, do not show them. And if you love the couple photos in day after, watch as much as possible to arouse this desire in the future bride and groom.